Football is A BeNeLiga, with Belgian and Dutch clubs, it would be a good thing for our football? In an article earlier today, appeared on the kwamenexperts and betrokkenenaan offer. Now it’s your turn: these are some of the most interesting responses.

Philippe Corthout: to : “is The level in the Netherlands is lower than it was some years ago, a couple of top clubs have been left out. I do not supportersclans for the next two weeks, hundreds of miles away. Most people think of the roaring of the names, but the one in the Netherlands is not very different from Belgium in terms of football.”

Francois Sixteen to : . “That is zouhet Belgian football is broken. The teams that do not participate will be eliminated , due to no income. The smaller teams have a couple of times a year, with a full stadium, as the so-called big teams come to visit, and that after so many years.”

Geert, Moreels: to : “is A good thing for the city, Brugge, Genk, Standard, royal Antwerp and Anderlecht, and also the need for a higher level to be able to get it in the future. The other Belgian clubs, in my opinion, are really too light to do this.”

Joseph Van der Elst to : “On the right vanvoetbalniveau it would be better. The country will not be better off, due to the likely increased ticket prices and the cost of travel. The other clubs are going to make their revenue is, however, hard to see it fade away. As always, the rich will win, but rather, it is the ordinary people who have money with which to grease the paid players will give.”