In Novosibirsk have launched a different kind of game: who will guess the price of the goods will give you meat for 1000 rubles

On the most popular radio station of Novosibirsk* continuing the campaign “Hit the target!”, in which can take part everyone novosibirets. Students need to guess the price of the product to get the prize of meat for 1000 rubles.

“Radio Dacha” gives the city’s residents the opportunity to indulge in delicious sausages, hams and other meat products. Every weekday, from 15 to 30 June, the listeners of the radio can participate in the project “Hit the target!”.

For this it is necessary to follow closely the group of “Radio Country 106,7 FM” “Vkontakte”. On weekdays at 8:00 there is a special entry that represents the product of the partner with the encrypted price. Players need to keep the cost of this product in the comments of a post. The listener of the radio station, whose assumption is the most correct, gets the prize.