The possession of the ball no longer pays : France is sacred world champion at the world Cup 2018 in Russia finished only 19th in the ranking of ball possession, far behind Spain, but has been the team “the most balanced” of the tournament, according to a technical report of the international Federation of football (FIFA) published on Tuesday 16 October.

Despite the average percentage of ball possession per game, the highest (69 %) of all the teams involved, Spain has not managed to overcome the eighth-finals, eliminated by Russia (1-1, 4 tab to 3). The champions of the world French include them in the ten-ninth place in this ranking, out of 32 teams, with a ball possession of 48 % per game on average.

Spain, a team that has the more “possessive” of the world Cup, France 19th Average ball possession per match and per team. Source : FIFA

“France is not supported on the ball possession but were for the priority project as soon as possible in the attacking half and they had the players to do it,” the coach brazilian Carlos Alberto Parreira, a winner of the World 1994, one of the members of this cell of analysis (in the company, in particular, of the Dutch Marco Van Basten, ex-responsible for the technical development of the FIFA, and the Scot Andy Roxburgh). Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann were responsible for “launching attacks” based on ” the speed of Kylian Mbappé “, voted the best young player in the World, also stresses Mr. Parreira.

Another finding of the technical group of FIFA : “few teams to have played with a true playmaker, probably because of the different tactics adopted “. Some players, however, are shown to their advantage in this registry, is the FIFA. Thus, if the French Paul Pogba has shone, “it is Luka Modric who has made the strongest impression,” adds the instance, while the player of Real Madrid is one of the contenders for the golden Ball.

Serbia has the most popular

We also learn that Serbia is the team that has the more run per game (113 km), while France is only twenty-eighth in the standings with 101 km.

France has (relatively) less raced than most of the other teams during the World 2018 Average of the total distance travelled by the players of each team during a match of the world Cup 2018. Source : FIFA

In addition, the effectiveness of shots from outside the area ” has increased tremendously with an average of a goal every twenty-nine shots, against forty-two in Brazil in 2014 “.

“France has deserved his victory,” said in the report the Croatian Zvonimir Boban, deputy secretary general of FIFA.

” Under the impetus of Didier Deschamps, who had a clear and accurate idea of how to use the best qualities of his players and has not deviated, the Blues have trained in all the team of the tournament, the most balanced and the most secure of its strength. “

With a total of 169 goals, the Russian World has been one of the tournaments the most generous in terms of goals for a competition to 32 teams, with just two goals fewer than the editions of 1998 in France and 2014 in Brazil, the most prolific.

in addition, the number of goals in the knockout phase was an increase compared to the 2014 edition (47 versus 35) and the number of penalties awarded in the group stage has “increased strongly, in particular because of the presence of the support video to the arbitration” (VAR) is still the FIFA, which provides for the edition to 1966 in England an analysis of the technical evolution of each world Cup.

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