Bruges The city of Bruges, savior, Matthieu Bonne (25) has done it. The ultrasporter from Bredene, swam last night, and today it is the Channel between England and France. He was ‘hardly any’, 12 hours and 47 minutes. “It was very tough, but what a thrill!”, stop responding to him.

Matthieu Bonne, who is in the Picturesque swimming pool, Lago, Olympia does not happen to be “Super-Matt” is referred to, it was Sunday night around 23: 30, from England, in his attempt to start. The ultrasporter, that is, in the past, the Marathon des Sables-deed as well as the Swiss Matterhorn, thus, had the patience of a saint for that. He spent ten days in the uk, but had to wait until the weather conditions are perfect to attempt. It is no accident that the Channel is one of the most difficult routes to be considered. The stretch of 33 kilometres between the coastlines of two countries is considered to be a ultrazwaar course, because it is in a straight line, and swimming is almost impossible. Therefore, it can make the trek up to 55 miles in length. And then again, and the flow is still right.

Begeleidingsboot Pathfinder

The Bredenaar had meticulously prepared to take on the evil corporation. He took this coach Stefaan Maene under his arm. The former olympic swimmer, in Bruges was, Bonne motivation. He floated in the run-up to his final attempt ever to 31 miles and 12 hours in the sea. The begeleidingsboot Pathfinder guided Matthieu Bonne and go to the other side. The internet could be the home track, where he just was. Much earlier than thought, he reached the coast, close to the Sea.