In antwerp He, Nathan, and Larry are proud to present the first-ever McDonald’s praesidium of the country to name a few. It’s a club for the love of French fries and a Big Mac to the students, connecting in Antwerp with the.

McQuaestor, McCantor, and McPraeses: since the start of this week, that the titles of, respectively, He Cretskens, A Houtman, and Nathan, Braeckmans. About a year ago, McDonald’s in the city studentendopen, but now it’s official: there’s a McDonald’s, and fraternity, with the praesidium. Nathan was elected president of the club: “I have a bit of experience in the student’s life,” he said. “I’m erepraeses of Rodenbach and I have some of the other clubs in Antwerp at the time, and, in addition, I am a manager of a student pub. Soon to be studying, I was president of the McDonald club, it seemed to me, a great conclusion to my time as a student. And I’m going to, of course, very much like McDonald’s food?”

in Order to be a candidate had to be His, He the mission, log on to a Facebookpost, and then they’re out of some 50 candidates were chosen as finalists. A jury made up of praesessen, cantors, and quaestors of the current Antwerp-based student clubs decided who the finalists, who will compete against each other, recording in a ‘battle’.The McQuaestor had a math problem to solve, consisting of the McDonald’s, the McCantor had their own song for the McDoClub to create and to as many people as possible to have the music, and the McPraeses needed as soon as possible, McDonald’s, public transport to the McDonald’s to go Green to get, without having to move. He, His mission, to make that job the best, and have, therefore, been chosen as the first-ever McDonald’s praesidium.

the McDonald’s “cantus”

“It was very exciting, but I am, surprisingly, still won the game!”, says Nathan. What is the praesidium’s, it is still being discussed. “The idea is that we have events are organized for students who would like to join our club. I am in the last month, for instance, has more than a hundred times, approached a McDonald’s, and the cantus want to attend! That’s going to happen eventually, but we need to further discuss this with McDonald’s, and what’s possible.”

The idea of the fraternity of Provides Perkisas, digital account manager at a McDonald’s in Antwerp. “A lot of students have the feeling of ‘missing’ in their studies because they aren’t in a fraternity have stepped up,” she said. “Antwerp is known as a college town, but there are a lot of students who are still away for fall. We offer an club, where the love of our meals together, and always and everywhere it may exist without any requirements.”

up To now, there is room in Antwerp, McDonald’s, and tracks, as well as students from other towns are interested in. “We do have a request, received from Ghent and ku Leuven to students, so in some cases the tracks will be extended to other Dutch cities.”