Six days of Gent, the Emperor of the ‘t ‘ Kuipke’,” Iljo Keisse is on Tuesday, november 12, through Sunday, november 17, is on the hunt for his eighth victory in the six-day trip to europe. The thuisrenner it will be linked to his former team-mate of Mark Cavendish. It’s a Belgian-British couple won more head-wind get it from the Lotto Soudal riders, Jasper De Buyst-and Tosh Van der Sande. Moreno De Pauw, riding with the Dutchman, Gerben and Workstations are the last of a six-day, and it depends, then with the bike on the hook.

“in Addition to Iljo Keisse/Mark Cavendish and Jasper De Buyst/Tosh Van der Sande there are a lot of interesting students at the start, argued since by Christophe Sercu, Tuesday, at the press conference of the 79th edition of the Ghent six-day in the town hall of Ghent in belgium. “So, we have a world-class ploegkoers, Roger Kluge, and Theo Reinhardt, managed to get back to the ‘t ‘ Kuipke’, down to go down. The Germans were attacked last year, right next to the stage. Kenny De Ketele won in Ghent, rondfietsen and his buddy He War. The former European champions were in last year’s second and to go for the first time, in Ghent, belgium. The exact Workstations gets to Moreno and The Others at his side. The latter will take on Sunday evening, november 17th, say goodbye to the world. The pair will be in the six-day trip to go to the nevennummers, and particularly in the disciplines of counter-clockwise. The Others will have some records in the sharpen put. The Dutchman, Wim Stroetinga and Lindsay De Vylder, it was the experience of a young enthusiasm, associated with it. Otto Vergaerde is going to be on the road with His Hesters, while the Lead Van Den Bossche, the support of the Dane Marc Hester. Jonas Rickaert draw with the Dutchman Roy Pieters in the loop on this. All of the guys who I have contacted have been hyper-motivated, so that I can have a competitive match it should be.”

Who is the witness of the six days of Ghent, and yet have a ticket for the Ghent festival of the season and will have to scramble. There are only a couple of hundreds of tickets about this.