Kortemark-The city council on Monday night was in a minor key. During the public questions read Mark Pollentier (N-VA), a letter on behalf of his late wife, who, in the fight against multiple sclerosis and lost. A very difficult passage: “I have a better cancer treatment, then I would have good news.” And now, just a fellow on the council for the fight against cancer is to be run.

As the era. At the beginning of October, showed She Ostyn, at the age of 49, it’s life. For twenty years he fought with the women against multiple sclerosis (MS). for the past thirteen years, she was wheelchair-ridden and suffering, she is in chronic pain. The city council is held just before the plenary session with a moment of silence.Her husband, oppositieraadslid Mark Pollentier (N-VA), brought out during the public question time a letter is at the top. “This is the letter She prepared,” said Pollentier. What followed was an argument in which it is a member of the pain of his death, all described from her point of view. But in the letter to his lap Pollentier with a sharp-edged. “Thank you for the seconds of silence, but where were you all these years? There is a local thuiszorgpremie for me is Like so red.) and the fellow was asked, but rejected it: what do you mean, only for people over 65? There are no toilets on the market that can be accessed by wheelchair users. Also, in the SM, where we have, however, throughout our lives, is a member of, or the right property for you, we got no support. And, as an accredited palliative patients, I got no support from the well-known home-care-profit-Large-Kortemark. Only for patients with cancer’, we were allowed to go with them.” This was followed by a mind-blowing episode. “I may have had a better cancer to have had, yes, I have good news. Free oral care and baking, concept, and even the end-of-life sedation.”


Rouses in the audience. As a fellow member of the of the majority of its ears, do not believe in, and he left in tears in the seat. What is clear: the policy concerned must in the fight against cancer is concerned. Be courageous, and returned to the member later returns to the seat, but the damage had been done. State-of-the gemeenteraadsvoorzitter, it would not be out of place to have been, but it wasn’t. Pollentier were a “lack of tact” and “politics” is blamed.

Except for

Mark Pollentier was terrified of the noise. “I really didn’t know that a fellow board member with the cancer was. After the meeting, I was detailed to her, except. Of course, this is not a personal attack. Now, I know what they are experiencing, and wish her the best of luck. In the letter, She came with me made as a cry for help. The text read, I didn’t do it for me, but for my wife. I need it to read as if She’s forgotten two or three years, or even later? The argument we want to make the lack of provision for the chronically sick, such as She, and fellow-sufferers, to raise. That outrage was, to show, to me, is just that, a point has been made.”