Leisure, Food as well as tomato and bacon, or pancakes with gummyberen may sound odd, but they really have to eat it. Women during pregnancy have to deal with the wildest cravings. Pascal Rotteveel collected the most food in the book, and Pregnancy Cookbook.

Pascal Rotteveel has developed a fascination with pregnancy cravings , or pressing binge-eating, then to his sister for the first time and got pregnant. β€œIt was the one thing that everybody would ask ” what is the weirdest thing was that she ate during her pregnancy.”

He was collecting, however, honderdvreemde recipes for pregnant women, family members, and friends, as well as on blogs. Rotteveel: β€œI think it’s fascinating that someone has thought of that, do you know what’s great, is in a pickle? Of the whipped cream.”