two-story mansion on the street of Maxim Gorky, 26a is one of the most popular buildings in Novosibirsk. From may until the snow here sometimes lining up photographers and their models to get beautiful pictures on the porch under an Apple tree. Buy mansion apartment is almost impossible: there are eight of them, and the residents love their home. Correspondents NGS spoke to them and learned, for whom, and who built one of the most beautiful houses in the quiet centre.

Let’s face it: Novosibirsk — not the most photogenic city. And certainly here there’s many places that need no exaggeration to stand in line to photograph. But they are, one of them is a small house on the street of Maxim Gorky, 26a. Its facade is almost not visible for overgrown Apple trees, but Apple trees are in bloom and rare to Novosibirsk romantic architecture here involve a lot of people for beautiful shots.