The family Behind each of the Callboy is a strong, beautiful woman. Loredana Falone, a friend of Matteo Simoni, is expecting a first child, and running in the meantime, her line Wearable Stories. Hiske Van den Wouwer-of-The-Pony-Club – the hottest hairdresser salon, from Antwerp, had, along with Bart, We have a piece of candy, a daughter, Edie. A cut in time for a double conversation: on motherhood, business, and love to see the birds on the screen.

One with the baby on the breast, and the other with a trappelende the baby in the womb: Her and Loredana to stay, each with a different type of cloud. And the hormones are at sharply, and the emotions are pure and simple, and the laughter is never too far away – that day in the studio. In recent years, these two ladies are, moreover, connected through the – ‘Callboys’ by Randy, and Some – or in other words, Bart is Dutch and Matteo Simoni.

Loredana: “I’ve known His ever since we were very young. We have had a lot of mutual friends and ran into each other in the province. Just three years ago, when we took coffee and went for a drink to talk with each other, the spark will be skipped. And we fell in love with.”

Her: “Around the same time I met Bart, to know …”

Loredana: “I know That! As Matthew said, ” he is also like a new sweet, very nice.’”

Her: “it’s A great, fun? This should be in the interview. (laughs)”.

it’s the interview you’ll read tomorrow, NINA, or