Grotepaniek yesterday at the airport of Schiphol airport: Schiphol airport, the police would not be in the luchtverkeersleidingeen message is received out of a possible hijacking. It was going to be in a plane that at any moment it could take off. I found out the code by accident, is to be sent. How was it that in the hell is going to happen?

for example, If there is a hijacking on board a plane that passes through a so-called kapingscode. This code will alert the traffic control is transmitted by a transponder, and it is different for each plane. “Each aircraft is given a specific code by an air traffic controller. That must be the pilots to enter, so that the air-traffic controllers on their display be able to clearly see which device is which on the fly,” explains André Berger, the head of the airline pilots in the GARDEN, Fly out to the Radio station Radio 1. On the basis of the unique code and air traffic controllers to identify the aircraft involved.

See also the Report of the hijacking at Schiphol airport, turns out to be wrong is pressed alarm button for Three special tags,

in Addition, there are three special codes that can be used to indicate that an aircraft is in an emergency situation. Code 7700 indicates a general emergency. The code 7600 is showing that the aircraft is not in communication with air traffic control. After all, it means the code 7500 is that the plane has been hijacked on.


Why is the pilot, and that is the last code was entered where there were no danger? He was accompanied by a pilot-in-training, an apprentice. Since the operation of the transponder is such an important part of the training, the pilot pressure in the back again with his explanation of the subject. While those who see the pilot, but to call for him to be too zealous – the emergency code entered. Something that you think She is not to do with the three special codes, and is certainly not hijacking.

radio silence

The kapingsmelding has been sent and is on the plane, what happened, nothing more. Why did the pilot, and after his mistake, it is not just that it was a mistake and went? “It’s going to be a silent alarm, and it’s never going to be for the pilot to ask if there is something going on. If this is a real hijack going, you don’t want the competitors to hear the air traffic control is aware of,” says Berger. Again, using the same logic, it is the kapingscode is the only code that is not revoked, it can be used.

in the Meantime, the names of the luchtverkeersleidersde the necessary safety precautions; notified the police and the emergency services that showed appeared. And the pilot? That I didn’t have anything. The security services have access to the plane because of the rear, so that any violation’t be able to see it. Also, features anyone observed a witness, Javier Domingo, from Spain: “The shock came when I got to the exit of the unit in the trunk, all of the military police, bivakmutsen met.”

For more than an hour, it was a part of the airport was evacuated and it was antiterreurpolitie at the ready. But, ultimately, it had to Air in Europe, have to admit that kapingsalarm was accidentally introduced.

And now what?

Air Europe is no definitive study to be a pilot. “What do you mean? There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of either. What else is there to investigate?”, so says the spokesman of the NIS. The spokesman said that the issue of what the airline is concerned, it is dismissed.

, And as a result, they will also be not the case, according to the spokesman of the Dutch municipality of Haarlemmermeer, in which the airport is located, is: “As security, we work with a range of rampenbestrijdingsplannen, strategies, and protocols. They are there to make a quick and organized to help you to be able to offer as help, yesterday, it is not necessary to be.”

“The alert, and the realization of the crisisbestrijdingsorganisatie in any case, it led to the fact that we, as care services with other authorities, have been able to work together and practice to make such a serious incident of fighting,” said the gemeentewoordvoerder.