In no less than 71 years of car manufacturer jaguar Land Rover, a new Defender is made. The first-made model of this true British off-road vehicle dates back to 1948, is now, for the first time to completely replace it. Land Rover provides amazing work, the modern interpretation takes a lot of the new technologies, but it should be just like the original, to be strong on the ground.

is The Land Rover Defender is regarded as an absolute icon of the automotive sector. The last model dates back to 1948 and it is a longer build than any other model.

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all the other iconic cars, like the Volkswagen Beetle, the Mini and the Mercedes-Benz G-class continued to spend less time and without major changes in the market. Now it’s a British brand, so it is a totally new developed version.

the Next year, he will come in three different lengths, which are on the market: the next Land Rover will be available in the first quarter of 2020, it is available as a ‘Defender 110’, while a shorter version of the three door will follow. It’s called ‘Defender 90’, and a little later, a third option appears which is ‘Defender 130’ is to be baptized, and to the most demanding customers, have to prove to a lot of luxury.