How to pass MRI study, if you're afraid of closed spaces

MRI is considered to be one of the best ways to diagnose the condition of internal organs and soft tissues without radiation exposure and radiation. Magnetic resonance imaging helps to identify the pathology and to prevent the development of complex diseases. Not all patients are willing to undergo this procedure because of fear of closed spaces.

MRI can be carried out in the open and closed scanners, but the latter, at the expense of more power, or more precisely diagnose and give better pictures. According to the Director of the centre “MRI-Expert” candidate of medical Sciences Gennady Yarina, branches are high field scanner of the closed type expert class that allows you to see structural changes in the tissues of 1-2 mm.

to be Afraid of MRI examination in a closed MRI is not necessary. Even a closed MRI is open at the head and feet. And in branch the centre “MRI-Expert” on Red Avenue, 79/1 has a unique head coil. The patient at the time of diagnosis of the brain looks in a mirror, which gives an overview of the entire Cabinet and additional a feeling of security.