How to avoid mistakes when hiring a top Manager (the user manual will be useful to employers and those seeking work)

“People really thinking draws from his less knowledge than from their successes,” said American philosopher John Dewey. Mistakes can be really helpful, but some of them are expensive to make, and the more repeat they do not want. Especially if the market has the tools to minimize the risks.

talk about closing the vacant positions when the hiring managers of top level. Usually in this situation, look first and foremost drawn to the talent pool. Only here does he? Sometimes it seems that there is. Employees working in the company has grown from the bottom — why not the tops? Are you sure that every loyal employee who knows the business, can be a top Manager? Growth of the scale control efficiency will remain the same? Sure that any employee can learn, develop, if you ask for?

Or a different situation. Soberly looking at the company, we understand that top need to look on the external market. So here he comes: all white, with a summary of 15 leaves, some solid badges and achievements… But in fact worked for six months, learn all the brains, did nothing and flew away.

What is the price of hiring the “wrong stamp”?

And now attention! In business it is always money. The cost of the candidate makes sense to digitize as follows:

if you take a ready-made employee from the market, then consider the cost of the entire recruitment process plus salary and bonus, multiplied by “X” months (depending on how much time you had to see employee);
if the employee is internal, the cost of hiring is changed to the value of training and development, and then — according to the same scheme.
if an employee from the market but needs more development (often due to lack of experience in the industry, increasing the scale of management, business, etc.), then you need to lay and cost of the recruitment process, and training and salary awards.

And this is excluding loss of profits and other risks: the loss of key personnel (with whom the “top” has not converged characters), possible losses due to wrong decisions, care customers or even loss of the entire database — a lot of variants depending on position.

to reduce the likelihood of these risks, a methodology was developed allowing the assessment centre. In fact, assessment is needed to understand how people will cope with strategic and new tasks in the company, the leader whether he is reliable if he is able to lead, etc. At the same time many companies, so many methods of its implementation. Somewhere limited to one, but an “infinite” test, where the emphasis is on case tasks and games where add interviews, etc.

How is the assessment by the technology company’s “Uptime”?

We evaluate the top leaders and teams for 5-factor system: competence, motivation, personal qualities, potential and risks. by the Way, one of the most frequent requests in recent times — check the reliability and motives of the candidates.

it is Important to understand that different companies tops, even if the job title is the same, can perform different functions. Accordingly, the content of the assessment differs depending on the task, which wants to solve the owner or HR Director.

some people just need to understand, “what is my head”. For these cases, there is a package of “Assessing managerial skills” (direct guidance, planning, leadership and teamwork, communication skills and negotiation, decision-making). For example, there is a potential employee, about which you seem to already understand everything, but I don’t know whether he will cope with new volume of powers, or does it suddenly all went wrong, but such hopes were raised, etc. Another frequent request: have a good man. What he can be in the company? Where to put it? There is useful package is “Evaluation capacity”. And of course there is “Complex onzenka”, including assessment of conformity to specific posts, the answer to the questions, how the candidate will cope with the strategic objectives of the business, whether it is company culture and management style of the owner, how reliable and what are the possible risks, etc. as a result, you, in addition to insights, discover reliable forecast (84%) for a period of three to five years and recommendations for the development.

When hiring is more importantly a matter of time. To assess the candidate in the field, will take several months (that is what was invented probationary period). Assessment results depending on its type you will receive in 3-10 working days. And time, as you know — money.

in addition, the assessment of technology “Uptime” is built so that it does not need to do often. The minimum period of validity of the assessment results three years.

of Course, it is possible that fortune will smile for you, and to find the right person for the vacant position will be the first time for many years. Well, when the HR — professional, and the owner has a strong intuition and understands people, but, unfortunately, so happens not always.

And back to the question about the price error. The cost of the assessment from “Uptime” starts from 25 thousand rubles. If you count on the above formula the price of hiring the wrong candidate and loss of precious time, the answer to the question whether the assessment in recruitment, it becomes obvious.

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