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How the Rothschilds became the major bankers of the Russian Empire

How the Rothschilds became the major bankers of the Russian Empire

History 28/01/20 As the Rothschilds were the main bankers of the Russian Empire

the Name of the rich, perhaps like no other, overgrown with a thick layer of myths, conspiracy theories, outright lies and misconceptions. They ascribe evil intentions towards all mankind, and certainly they stand behind each historical conflict or crisis. But we propose to learn the facts is much more fun, whose any fiction.

the Bankers of the House of Romanov

In the Russian Empire, the Rothschilds began from the same, on what stood during the life of the founder of the clan, Amschel, from providing sensitive financial services to the ruling dynasty. Lending began in 1822. Alexander II signed in 1876 an agreement with the Rothschilds that they actually become managers of the Royal Treasury, and received the right to conduct transactions in gold on behalf of the Russian Empire. Only in Spain was posted about 48 thousand tons of gold.

the Rothschilds had become the financial agents of the foreign government bond market of Russia, as you can read on the bonds. In particular, the Rothschilds provided accommodation in France most of those bonds in which the Bolsheviks refused to pay the debt of $400 million was repaid only in the reign of Russian President Boris Yeltsin. However, Vladimir Shigin in the book “the Unknown war Emperor Nicholas I” writes that the placement of the bonds through the Rothschilds were engaged in other financier, the banker Stieglitz. But the Rothschild Bank was the institution where it was possible to get the payment coupon or bargain sale of bonds abroad. Is it any wonder that with the creation of the Federal reserve that the Rothschilds prompted Romanov to enter in the authorized capital of the Russian gold?

Another interest in diversified business of the Rothschilds in Russia – oil. Most known for their participation in the Baku oil fields, but worked for the Rothschilds, for example in Belarus on the oil theme. The Rothschilds brought to the production not just a scale – a new technology used for field development and oil transportation (rail, pipelines, tankers), what brought the Russian oil on the world market.

Work with the USSR

Joseph Stalin preferred to work with the Rockefellers. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Leon Trotsky, who had serious ties to wall street, just interacted with people and companies that revolve in the orbit of the Rothschilds. About these links back in 1974, wrote Anthony Sutton’s book “wall street and the Bolshevik revolution”, based on declassified government archives of the United States, Canada and the UK. When Stalin became, the Rothschilds do not miss your chance to resume work in Russia, now called Soviet Union.

Since the mid-fifties they actively traded gold with the state Bank of the USSR and VNESHECONOMBANK of the USSR. Mikhail Gorbachev in the second half of the 80 sanctioned the establishment of the international commercial Bank “public Finance and lending of national programmes” (BNP). Among its major shareholders was to enter the Swiss Bank Rothschild Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild SA.

With the Soviet Union is also connected one side of the interests of the Rothschilds. Researchers are almost sure that no one is named and not disclosed to a member of the famous “Cambridge five” was Baron Nathaniel Victor Rothschild, a member of the house of lords, the head of MI-5 counter-sabotage. Talking about it in 2015, after the publication of his memoir, full of real secret documents. To the reader the book was late by a few decades in time to attempt to publish caused a terrible scandal and Margaret Thatcher, the UK Prime Minister has banned the release of the book in Europe, and the us administration – in the United States.

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