How much is a breathtaking view of the left Bank (photo)

“Odessa” is a development project GK “KPD-Gazstroy”, which blew up the real estate market of Novosibirsk this summer. Sale house with a unique location started a few weeks ago. But has already managed to cause a stir among buyers. To buy a spacious apartment comfort class near the metro station “Ploschad Marksa” it is possible for 1.89 million.

Residential building with beautiful football fields under Windows, a Park with coniferous and deciduous trees and tranquil views of Trinity square — a rare stroke of luck for those who live and work on the left Bank. To look at the purchase makes sense for those who have long wanted to change their environment. In “Odessa” due to the unique location — adjacent to the sports complex “dawn” and MNTK eye microsurgery — most flats species.

Here everything is planned wisely. Modern solutions in planning, zoning adjoining space, select building materials that make the house warm, safe, comfortable.

For “Odessa” architects have developed an optimal planning — with the most useful areas. The territory is closed, everything you need — from schools, kindergartens and hospitals, to parks, sports centers, shops — nearby.