The Gent with The inhabitants of Saint-Pietersaalststraat in Ghent on fire. The Line is busy, the tracks have to be replaced, and this takes place at night, with a lot of noise. During the day the streets are closed off, and it does not work. “No, We can’t do anything else, on the day of the tram in that place”, sounds like it’s on The Line.

all The old tram tracks at the Saint-Pietersaalststraat to be replaced because it was greatly needed. The residents of the street were pre-notified with an bewonersbrief, as it should be. It had also noted that some of the night time, it would work. However, that night-time works are much more far-reaching than in the area had been proposed. As a matter of fact there is almost only at night, worked on it. It’s a noise that’s between 22 and 5 hours is not pleasant. It’s not every night and not every night-just as loud, but for the area, it is not.

Just that the situation will not change. What’s more, the neighbors will be is still up in mid-november on their teeth to have bite, or find a place to look at the werknachten. “We would like to expressly apologise to the neighbours for the inconvenience”, says The brand. “But we really have no other choice. The preparatory work we will do during the day, but the heavy-duty guns get up during the night at the top. Then, each piece of rail is removed and immediately replaced it. During the day the tram is, after all, be able to drive either the tram 4, tram 2 and use the track. These lines will not be interrupted. It is, therefore, nothing more than that especially if you want to work with. We try to be as quiet as possible, but some nights there will be, so it’s really noise.”