The Kurds have worked for months, along with the CIA, to be the most sought-after terrorist in the world to detect on and off. Crucially, it was a spy’s underwear of al-Baghdadi from his hiding place, he managed to smuggle a DNA test prior to the rally. Or, how dirty underwear in the end it led to the collapse of the so-called caliph.

as The Syrian Kurds have claimed that their contribution is of crucial importance for the high risk military operation is a complete success.Polat Can, a long-time official of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic forces (SDF), and gave more details about the risky maneuvers that lead to the disconnection of the conductor in the North of Syria.

“on 15 may, we worked with the CIA to be al-Baghdadi in order to detect and to monitor,” according to the Can. “He is the self-declared caliph, changed frequently, from the place in order to not fall into the hands of the “enemy” to attack. He was on the verge of moving to Jarablus in the province of Aleppo, near the border with Turkey.”

The Kurds have obtained information from a national security advisor to al-Baghdadi, who went to the other camp, it was revealed to them was spying.

“Our spy is smuggling stolen to the outside, where a DNA test was carried out, so that we can be sure that it is al-Baghdadi was”, wrote a letter to the adviser, on Twitter.

“and Then it was over a month ago I decided to take the terrorist leader out of turn,” according to the Can. “However, due to the withdrawal of the U.s. troops and the Turkish invasion, went to the mission to delay them.”