How about a real battle wrote the song

26/12/19 story About a real battle wrote the song “On the nameless height”:

the Song “On the nameless height”, written by poet Michael Matusovsky and composer Veniamin Basner, is considered one of the standards of the military genre. Valentina Ponomareva in the article “how Much was a pound down and out on the nameless height? The story of the song” explains that many war veterans listened to her with tears in his eyes, emphasizing the plausibility of the plot. And how was it really?


In an interview, Mikhail Matusovskiy told me that the history of the heroic fight, 18 soldiers near the village Rubezhanka in the Kaluga region, he had heard back in that time when he served as a correspondent in the newspaper of the 2nd Byelorussian front. Similar feats in the history of the great Patriotic war were many, but because the heroic act is not widely known. But in the early 1960s, the story once again surfaced in the light.

So this was written by the poet himself: “Bass [the film’s “Silence”] asked us to write a song, which, as it focused itself in front of the fate of the two main characters in the movie. The song is not striking in scale and sweep of events. And then I remembered this fight. In the history of the great Patriotic war, he just a small episode, but how great is the value!”.

the Whole truth about the nameless heights

the Battle described in verses, was the place to be, really — in the night from 13 to 14 September 1943. The height was indeed nameless — on the operational maps it was listed No. 224,1. On the evening of 13 September 17 fighters from the newly arrived to the front of the Siberian divisions under the command of the Junior Lieutenant Eugene Poroshina was ordered to seize and hold it until the main forces. The first part of the task was completed successfully, but the second had problems.

Counterattack of the Wehrmacht “cut” the front and forced the Soviet troops to withdraw. 18 fighters remained cut off on the ill-fated top, but reluctant to giveI’m not going to. All night they fought against the superior enemy forces — two infantry battalions (more than 200) and was able to repel a series of enemy attacks. Height was never taken by the Germans, and the attacking force of 139 infantry division of the red army has discovered 16 corpses and an unconscious crewman Gerasim Lapin.

As it turned out, managed to survive another fighter group Sergeant Konstantin Vlasov. After wounds and contusions during the battle he was captured, but managed to escape to the end of the war he fought in the guerrilla unit on the territory of Belarus.

folk memory

S. M. Isachenko in the story “the defenders of the nameless heights” writes that all the participants of the heroic battles (surviving and dead) were awarded orders of the Patriotic war I degree. And on the site of the battle today there is a Museum and a memorial dedicated to the heroic deed. So the song is true, except the number of survivors. Fate was more cruel than the poet Matusovsky.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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