Formula 1: Max Verstappen his pole position at the Grand prix of Mexico kwijtgespeeld.De Dutch Red Bull will be restored to the position to ignore yellow warning flags at the final stage of the qualifiers. “

from the slotminuut of the end of Q3 was the finn Valtteri Bottas in a serious crash with a Mercedes, in a final attempt to get the fastest time. That was the name of Verstappen. The Dutch tried it so that you will have a faster lap and came over to the hole in the car of Bottas, whilst yellow flags indicate that a driver is slow down.

Verstappen told at the press-conference, open and honest, and that he was in the car of Bottas had ever seen, and that he does not have the speed had decreased. The steward was the opportunity to perform the research, and Stumbling to the information and explanations to the questions. Notable: in the beginning, saw that the board does not give rise to a cause of it.

Verstappen said that he is not a danger, saw it in action. “I know what I’m doing, but I’m not a Formula 1 car to drive. In the qualifications, go for it. If they have that time of me wanting to delete it, they can do it.”

honesty is costing him now as the second pole position of his career. The board punished him and put Verstappen in three places on the grid. He will start Sunday from the top of the second row of the table.

The Dutch, who, in the past two years, the Grand prix of Mexico, and won, and made you feel as if you have the skills. In a time of 1:14.758 gave the Red Bull driver, everyone in the crowd. Charles Leclerc was ultimately the closest two, and extends the penalty to Verstappen for pole position.