Cycling is, at last, again on the right track with Roger De Vlaeminck. The 72-year-old cycling legend, was on Saturday the 12th of October with a high fever and chills are recorded in the department of intensive care a-Z of Alma in Eeklo, belgium.A whole battery of physical tests to be a virus in the blood as the cause of all the trouble.

The problem with that is, now treated with a strong course of antibiotics, and have opted for The Vlaeminck will just have to wait for the hospital to keep up. There, it uitzieken and back strength. “I’m not a pleasant day to look back on. But, if all goes according to plan, and you will see that there is now, however, looking forward to it, can I have twelve days to go home”, sounds like it is already a little happier. “There’s a course of antibiotics should be continued.”