Foreign country, An American man talks on Facebook about how severe the burns suffered by his Track. Ethan Landers was awake and felt a sharp pain in his right wrist. After a few attempts and with the help of his wife, he had a device on his arm. The company, which is the activiteitstrackers it produces, is in contact with the man and launched an investigation.

It will perhaps be one of: a watch that keeps track of how many steps you take, what your heartbeat is, and whether or not you have a good sleep at night. Ethan Landers out of Iowa, had to say in a less pleasant experience with them and will warn everyone via social media.

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“Wednesday night shows, I was suddenly in a panic and woke up with a burning sensation in my wrist,” he is in the story. “As soon as I realized it was my Track, and I was trying desperately to get him to do it. After a few failed attempts, I jumped out of bed, and I put the lights on. It was, after all, my wife’s phone on my wrist, got it. It was as though my arm and back away.”

According to the man, there was smoke coming out of the battery life of the Fitbit, and the smell in the bedroom, as if there was an electrical fire is to someone else. Because of the wound on his arm was white, and the leaves began to show, he went to the emergency room of the hospital. He was the first. (read on below)