Us president, Donald Trump has fiercely railed against the whistleblower who filed a complaint against him. He has responded today to the release of the complaint, and in the afternoon. “I would like to know who the whistleblower and the information he gave, because that’s going to be a spy. So, you know, what we used to do when we were smartly dealt with spies and traitors, no? We were there for something else, then now is the documents refer him on to a possible prosecution of the individuals behind the leak. That is, writes The New York Times. Earlier, Ukraine’s public prosecutor to make investigation, has been to the Ukraine-eu summit is underway, and Hunter Biden saying that Biden Jr. is not the laws it has broken, as a message to Washington Post.

The complaint of the whistleblower of the Us intelligence services at Home, it is no longer a secret. The Inlichtingencommissie of the House of Representatives, the complaint in this afternoon, will be released. The major new feature is that, according to the whistleblower, the White House has been trying to the report of the conversation between He and Ukrainian president-Zelensky-to-cover-up, and access to them should be limited.

See also the Indictment in whistleblower-He is a “credible and disturbing” “Derdehandsverhalen”

it’s Home to the White House and insist that the phone call was nothing bad at all. They denounced the “hysteria” of the Democratic party and the media in a statement: “The publication of the complaint, nothing has changed, she is nothing more than a collection of derdehandsverhalen, and press releases,” says Stephanie Grisham, woordvoerdster of the White House. “The White House, and the hysteria and the false interpretations given by the Democratic party and various media rondgebazuind continue to reject it”, she adds.

Also, He was on Twitter about yet another “fake news story”. Later on today, ” he said tegeneen range of members of staff of the U.s. mission to the United Nations general assembly in New York to find out who the whistleblower has notified about the phone call.“I would like to know who the whistleblower is, that the information has been given, because it is very close to a spy,” said the head of state, according to The New York Times, to the dismay of the audience. “You know, what we used to do in old times, when we get down to work, able to cope with spies, and traitors, no? We had been in the habit of it a little bit differently than we’re doing right now.”

“All the actions which the leadership of the State Department will have to decide, are very well-placed,” said the Us secretary of state, Mike Pompeo of diplomatic actions from Washington with the Ukraine. All of the American diplomatic service made, “in line with the objectives that we had, and the up-grading relations with the new Ukrainian president, and get him to help “put an end to corruption in Ukraine,” stated Pompeo.


by Joseph Maguire, the top commander of the spionagediensten, said this afternoon that the Inlichtingencommissie that he will be the complaint of the whistleblower, according to the book, treated. Ookhandelde’s blow the whistle “in good faith”. He refused to accept ‘ yes ‘ or ‘ no ‘ answer to the question of whether the events He is a political chop,” and wanted to put.

The White House, it would be Maguire reported that the conversation between He and Zelensky, under the so-called “executive privilege” is, let’s say, ‘president’s privilege’. In this sense, the complaint is “unprecedented”. As the president of the United States of america in this complaint, have been involved, highlighted the importance of Muscle is that this place is different “then all the other symptoms of the past, of which I am aware”.

Abuse of power?

all The Democrats who wanted to Muscle like to know whether the treatment of the klokkenluidersklacht as a “serious abuse of power” by the president, He is. Maguire was dancing around the question and refused to say whether or not the complaint is “credible” and nothing else. “It’s not up to me to decide,” said Maguire.

According to Maguire, who also stated that his services were not behind the leak, to sit, to listen to a dozen or so people to join in the conversation between He and Zelensky. Maguire did not answer the question of whether or not the complaint of the whistleblower during the period, with Home, and have to rely on the “private” nature of his discussions with the president.