The Us president, Donald Trump Sunday, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom has been accused of bad work, to the forest fires in his state to fight against it. He threatens the funding tap closed.

According to Trump, he Newsom, during their first meeting, all of the advice given on how forest fires should be prevented. “I said to him that he was in the land of its forests, must be ‘clean’ apart from some of his bosses, environmental activists, and inquire of him,” said the president on Twitter.

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in addition, denounced the governor to the federal government asking for money, when the forest fires broke out in California. “He’s acting like a child,” said the Republican, to reporters at the White House. He is threatened with the aid of the state to stop it. Newsom bite – on Twitter – of himself. “You don’t believe in climate change. Please don’t be a part of this conversation.”

The leaders are already frequently between the Home and the state. The president cited earlier, all of California’s forests and water resources are not well managed.

In the neighborhood of Los Angeles broke on Thursday due to strong winds, the new fires out. More than 1,500 firefighters were deployed to fight the flames. On Sunday, the winds start, which would make it easier for the fire to extinguish the fire.