Economy, The European Central Bank (ECB) has been harmful to U.s. exports is the value of the euro, and down-to-send compared to the u.s. dollar. That being said, the Us president, Donald Trump is in response to a new stimulus that the ECB has today announced it.

“They are trying, and succeeding in, the euro to devalue against the very strong us dollar. In this way, the American export is a pain,” said Trump on Twitter.

During the press conference, said the president, Mario Draghi, that the ECB’s rates of exchange of the river. It was found that the bank shall not be a competitive devaluation that will pursue, which is in line with the agreement reached among the major industrial countries, and he expects other countries to do the same thing.

He also had high praise for the ECB, which is soon followed by the lowering of the interest rate and the opkoopprogramma of the bonds. However, the Us Federal Reserve system, a “wait and see” attitude to the patient. “They (the ECB, ed.). to be paid in order to borrow money, while we have to pay interest!”, he said.