Environmental Activists from Greenpeace come Wednesday morning, the unloading of a cargo of coal to block the port of the Polish city of Gdansk. Previously, they had been trying to be involved with the ship, from Mozambique, from to to.

“in the Morning of the 29 activists of Greenpeace on two of the cranes tower in the steenkoolterminal of the port of Gdansk”, says Katarzyna Guzek, president of the Polish branch of the environmental organisation.

The police’s action be confirmed, but it does not say you have to come before the port authority, has spoken.

activists on the cranes rolled off the season, which is to be read ‘Poland coal by 2030′. They are asking the Polish government to the climate change, and a transition plan to be put in order by the year 2030 no coal-to-use.