In Kortrijk There is a major upheaval that occurred during the reconstruction of the murder of Jill Himpe in Aalbeke. The sister of the victim started shouting at the offender, and the police intervened, it had to come out. The woman was taken to a combined activity, but just in case I’ll see you again available. Subsequently, it was also to the police department to pay for it. The family believes that they are the symptoms, never really have, but the public prosecutor’s office denies that.


The reconstruction of the facts is set out in two different locations. In the first part of which was held on the Moeskroensesteenweg in Aalbeke, in which the killing itself is done. The second part is located in the Nachtegaalstraat, in Wevelgem, in the house of the mother of the victim. It was there that Ridouan O., Tuesday morning, after the terrible deed, and the remains were dumped. Later, he drove the car from his victim, a lawyer in the city who have, in the past, the number of times it has occurred. That would be D. have recommended that in order to call the police and let including. The 39-year-old child, that is, the facts as I have known, and ended up in a carpoolparking in the Ad. He was picked up.