Got out: Irish pub on the Soviet because COVID-19 turned a summer terrace to a point streetfood

In Novosibirsk, near the bar of the chain Harat’s began to work the point of street food. The pavilion strafed the hosts made their usual summer terrace.

the Summer porch to the left of the entrance to the bar Harat’s is old — it is collected with the onset of heat and dismantled in the autumn. This year the school became the first in the city, who began the erection of “annuals”, despite the existing restrictions. As it turned out, using this facility restaurateurs decided in an unusual way.

this week the outside bar has earned offline point of street food. Here you can buy corn dogs (sausages in corn batter), burgers, “fish and chips” (battered fish with fries) and drinks. Prices start from 80 rubles per dish (potato wedges) and 30 rubles for the tea. All food is prepared right there, inside the pavilion. Here also sell beer and mulled wine.