Multimedia the Google to the achievement of the so-called ‘quantum supremacy’ the computer is ‘Different’. Previously, news has already leaked out, but for now, it is the study of the internetgigant will be published in the journal Nature. Competitor, IBM, is pulling the results into question. All well and good, but what is it really that ‘quantum supremacy’?

In plain language, Google has a new super-computer is developed, which not only runs on the quantumtechnologie, but which is also so convenient to be governed, that the computer has a lot of perform better than a traditional one. Hence, the notion of ‘dominance’, which is ‘held universal sway ” means.

Computers, as we know and use today to work on the chips that have the data to host only two of the states know it, be either 1 or 0 (stripe or dot). All of the computer calculations are based on a binary principle, in which all of the eentjes and nulletjes sense. Just like the millions of pixels on a 4K tv screen, along with a picture.

By definition, the system of the eentjes and nulletjes of binary is one or the other, it has a value of either 1 or 0, and never the two at the same time. In the quantumwereld is going to be a totally different matter. The question is, “Is that Schrödingers cat is dead or alive?’, the answer is in the mechanics ‘yes’. Because of the quantumwereld of the things that can exist in different states at the same time.