The money that Google has entered into an agreement to smartwatchmaker Track for a 2.1 billion dollar (1.9 billion euro). Reports that the U.s. technology giant. Google set foot on the ground and in the market of wearable technology. The acquisition is being able to count on extra attention from the authorities. A number of Us politicians have called for an investigation.

Google, it will 7,35 usd per share payable to the company, out of San Francisco, california. This is a bonus of 71% on the price of a share of stock for the uitlekte that Google will make a bid, it had to be released. Track side in 2015 at the fair for $ 20 per share.

Track, it is one of the most well-known brands in the field of the so-called wearables , hand-held technology that has all kinds of information about you to the health department. So fitnessfanaten with the products of their pulse, the number of steps taken or the amount of calories burned to monitor.

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Fitbit ceo, James Park, hoping that the combination of Google and the innovation of hand-held technology speeds up, so the sale continues to grow. For the last time, Track-to-do with a declining share of the market, by the competition of cheaper alternatives.

This is the second major acquisition by Google this year. In June, it closed the techgigant an agreement to cloudsoftwarebedrijf Looker for 2.6 billion dollars (1.8 billion euros).