iHLN Google has made a major breakthrough was announced in the “quantum computing”. The internetgigant says it’s for 200 seconds in a calculation, which is the fastest classical computers for 10,000 years before it would have. Competitor, IBM, is pulling the results into question.

After a few weeks of rumors, the results of the study by Google, published in the scientific tijdschriftNature. Google just did a test with a made-quantumchip. It took years of research to advance, ” says the company.

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instead of storing the information with the nulletjes or eentjes, such as a classical computer to do, to make quantumcomputers to use “qubits”. That can be at the same time, the binary values of 0 and 1. That is a lot of information can be encoded.

the Google executive Sundar Pichai said in a eenblogpostdat it is a milestone for the scientific community. “But we still have a long way to go from laboratory experiments to real-life applications. It will take many more years before we have a broad range of applications in the real world you will be able to enter.”

There is still a debate over whether it is really a big breakthrough is going to. The researchers, from IBM, who had quantumcomputing’re working on, say, a simulation of the same thing that Google did, by a classical computer with enough storage capacity which can be resolved in 2.5 days, and that is that there is, therefore, not to be 10,000 years.