Mile“, It was a beautiful celebration, just as she liked it. With a smile and a tear, the names of 200 friends and family members, including a lot of celebrities, say goodbye to the ‘Beast from Diest, in addition to the Rhode in Purchase. Marieke Vervoort saw on Tuesday of last week after a long battle against a rare disease to be no other way than euthanasia. “She has the Diestenaren together, and now it is up to us, I can promise you,” said the mayor, Christophe De Graef, in his farewell address.

Guy Swinnen The Scabs was like a time to be stadsgenote She was paying homage to. He did live for the song ” Time to release it. “The time and played to Create an important role, they are carried out, as it were, a constant struggle over the years. Actually, it’s ‘Time’ was originally a love song, but the chorus was a perfect fit with the situation She was in. I was also thinking of the famous phrase by Neil Young, It’s better to burn out than to fade away. That fits in perfectly with Mary? Her courage and determination was remarkable, when the cards have been dealt in life. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her.”