Bales of about 500 people Saturday afternoon to say goodbye to the 22-year-old Natalie Vennekens. The beauty of Bales came in this weekend to get in a serious car accident in Paris. “You’re the sweetest, and most beautiful of what we had been given. See you tomorrow, sweetheart, those were our last words,” a voice said in a very, very emotional, the words of her parents.

As a Vennekens was last weekend along with a friend, Maxim, who for many years had a relationship, and in the car. The car crashed into the Heppensteenweg in Paris. As a survivor of the blow, and her boyfriend, Maxim (23) it became life-threatening injuries. The young woman, who, on december 1, a 23-year-would be highly welcome. “She was in the spice of her life. The sun is in the house. A very warm and caring young lady,” said the pastor of the farewell celebration in the leisure park, The Kruierie in the Valley. “Her family was everything to her. After completing her studies, she was a self-employed beautician. It was her dream come true. As ever really own a house, but she was going to have a few years of hard work. Also, cooking was her great passion in life. She was also the chef of the home. And it’s always healthy. Preparing your own meals or to the fullest. A very good restaurant, she was always to be found. As she traveled, she sought, even in advance of all places, where she would be able to do.”

It was the spice of her life. The sun is in the house. A very warm and caring young woman.

Pastor farewell celebration