the Towers, the September 10 to 11 hours. A pickup truck passes in front of the congress palace, where takes place the seminar of the parliamentary Republic in motion (LRM). A young woman opens the window and launches, raging : “You are all sold out to the lobbies ! Shame on you to be there with Monsanto ! “Two hours ago, at the wheel of his car, an elected macroniste asked a passerby the way to go to make the gathering of the majority group. The response of the human fuse, lashing out : “fuck you the poisoners glyphosate ! “

for more than four months, the deputies of the presidential party are the target of fierce criticism from citizens who accuse them of having refused to sign the ban of this herbicide in the draft law agriculture and food, in which the final vote took place on 2 October at the Parliament.

Regularly taken part in the markets and swamped with messages disapproving by mail, e-mail or on social networks, many of them are marked by the mass criticism. And also by their virulence. “We take full the head ! “says the elected representative of Ille-et-Vilaine Mustapha Laabid. “In terms of magnitude, it’s huge…,” notes his colleague of the Rhone Bruno Bonnell.

The first salvo of criticism was unleashed after the may 29. On this day, an amendment to the mp, MLA of the Maine-et-Loire Matthew, an Orphan, near of the former minister of ecological transition and solidarity, Nicolas Hulot, to engrave in the marble of the abandonment of glyphosate by 2021, is rejected. Rejected by 63 votes to 20, it had received 16 votes for and 36 against within the majority group. Enough to provoke the anger of a large number of French, who have assimilated this decision a betrayal of the majority. In a Tweet published in November 2017, Emmanuel Macron was indeed committed to a ban within the next three years the main component of the Roundup of…