pediatricians often see young patients with a severe rash. Many of the skin changes you can classify at a glance: as a Symptom of a childhood disease, atopic dermatitis, or allergic reaction. Not so in the case of a nine-year-old girl.

The Small had round, red spots around the mouth, on the chin and a leg. A comprehensive laboratory investigation showed that the sloughy Spots the size of a Two Euro coin on skin fungus – transmitted, apparently, of a Guinea pig, that was for a few weeks, the pet of the family. Girl and Guinea pigs were given antifungal therapy. The child was free after six weeks of daily ointment treatment complaint. Clinic for skin diseases, University clinic of Jena, the Guinea pig-borne skin looked fungal of the nine-year-old from

diseases that can pass from animals to humans

The case, the physicians around Professor Peter Elsner described by the clinic for skin diseases at the University hospital of Jena, on the side of the German doctors sheet, is as rare as one might think. The so-called dermatophytes infection with the Erregertyp Trichophyton benhamiae in Germany more and more frequently. It affects mainly children and is usually transmitted by Small Pets such as Guinea pigs, Hamsters or even tame rats. Rarely, fungal disease (mycosis) of dogs or cats. Here is the Newsletter, “health” subscribe to

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There are infected, according to a study by 2017, over 90 percent of the Guinea pigs from pet stores, is the to Play and Cuddle with the small rodents to the health risk, especially for children and young people. Adults get only very rarely. Experts believe that Trichophyton benhamiae of the most common zoophile (from animals) is the causative agent of fungal skin diseases in children and adolescents in Germany.

holes in the Guinea-pig fur? May a fungal skin

The highly contagious and persistent fungus, especially in the face, on the scalp as well as on the hands and forearms noticeable. PDF So you want to let your skin Shine Our PDF guide showing you new tips on how to let your skin Shine, as well as all the information about diseases, therapies and care.To the PDF guide

In the case of the domestic animals, eye-catching holes can be a sign in the coat of a fungal infection. Often can be seen but nothing. An antifungal treatment at the vet can prevent a child might get infected. Otherwise, consistent Hygiene can reduce the risk that children get the fungal infection of Guinea pigs or hamsters: after each Stroking or Cuddling the hands must be washed well.

This also applies when a child arrives in the autumn a hedgehog from the cold garden in the house: The small, barbed, animals with snub nose are also pathogens, Vectors of fungal Skin.

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