Car, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, wants to be by the year 2030, 1 million charging points for electric vehicles in Germany, as she explained on Sunday in her weekly podcast. At the moment, but of 21,000 poles by germany. Tomorrow we have an important top of the league with the mighty German car industry is making in the program.

“the Mobility needs in the future, climate-friendly, flexible, affordable, and convenient,” said Merkel.

At the meeting, the auto industry will also be discussed how the phase-out of fossil fuels can be encouraged. One of the features of the high subsidies for the purchase of an electric vehicle, in which, for example, the sector is a small part of that cost is going to wear.

Earlier, the federal government, the current grants will be renewed. Due to multiple charging stations to be built, it would be the trust and confidence of the citizen in the e-mobility need to grow up. Here, too, the industry is in a bit bijsteken.A different issue is at the top of the autobonzen the impact of the transition on employment in the sector.