It is noteworthy that the enterprising Czechs have implemented the Design is less extravagant and showy, like many other firms in their electric models. The Vision of iV as a precursor to the 2020 the following series model likely points to the customer with its successful Design, the coupé-like Crossover in the style of a BMW 6 series GT looks great with its self-conscious Front and the sloping roof line is all well and good and wants to put in the second line as an electric model in the scene. press-inform / Skoda Skoda Vision iV back view

Oliver Stefani, head of Skoda Design: “The striking face of this concept gives study with the light bar its modern Look and supports your strong, self-confident appearance. The reduced Design, the stress of the cameras instead of side mirrors or the lack of door handles, stands symbolically for the easy operation of our electric vehicles. Illuminated elements and the new light technology in addition to exciting visual accents.“ Wait and see whether the Lack of mirrors from the outside and door handles in the series save.

In the FOCUS Online is The best Passat-Alternative comes from Skoda The power to 306 PS

Technically, the 4,67 meters long electric SUV is on the modular electric kit of the Volkswagen group on the road, of the various VW models, such as ID. Neo, ID. Lounge or ID. Bus home. Two electric motors on the front and rear axle provide for a system power of 225 kW/306 HP. The maximum range to 500 kilometers without Recharging, and within 30 minutes, the 83-kWh-battery package in the vehicle floor with appropriate can quickly charge to 80 percent strength. press-inform / Skoda Skoda Vision iV, page view “Characteristic of electric motors is that right from the Start, the maximum torque is available,” says Christian Strube, Skoda Board member for technical development. “This leads to a very good response. In the acceleration of this concept vehicle achieved the highest dynamic range that we have experienced so far in a Skoda. And all of it emission-free, quiet and with perfect traction.“

The space is due to the short bonnet for a vehicle of 4,70 meters class very lush. In the interior of the Skoda with the study of the Vision iV, a view of his next entertainment generation to successively hold in all vehicles to enter. In addition to the good space in the interior of the Geneva study wants to score with a 550-litre load space. press-inform / Skoda Skoda Vision iV interior

The front seats made of artificial suede, you can rotate, and the instrument panel is presented with the Central screen is very airy. In addition, a large panoramic roof brings lots of light into the Interior of the electrical Crossovers. If the Skoda Vision iV is a reality, he should have semi-Autonomous driving functions of level three. According to the study, on camera, Radar and laser modules.

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