With your farewell to the diesel engine and the call a change in the electric Revolution that have made Volvo and its Chinese parent company, Geely. The all-electric future, but must probably wait a little, just because the Chinese have presented a strikingly classical force grumpy: A SUV Coupé, the name of FY11. Geely Geely FY11

Geely makes the BMW X6

The Design of the car is recognizable, inspired by the BMW X6, where Geely has a very different and absolutely worth a Front designed. Powerful air inlets and a distinctive radiator grille with a large Geely Logo are a real eye-catcher. Incidentally, it is likely that there will be from FY11, a Volvo Version of the car is based on the common “Compact Modular Architecture” (CMA), on the various common models. Geely Geely FY11: China’s car design can see

Geely can call the car a “Sports coupe SUV” and want to robbers, obviously in the area of BMW and Mercedes, but also from other Chinese manufacturers. Under the hood, not a lush six-cylinder or V8, but only a two-liter turbo petrol engine with 237 HP engine. Larger aggregates are in China, with domestic producers not in use. The FY11 are available with either Front – or all-wheel drive.

FOCUS Online will be better than the old Wrangler, not a Diesel ban: China’s Jeep-a copy of the Test

Geely also builds electric cars and Hybrid – electric sedan and a Van are in the planning stage. However, models such as the FY11 show that it can also be quite classic on the road. The Design of the car, so the Chinese, was inspired by a jumping cat. Car market China: Figures, facts, backgrounds

The Chinese auto market is the largest in the world and continues to grow, while the European markets are stagnating. What are the special features of this huge market are, what manufacturer is it and why China is the Wonderland of electric mobility? You can find out more here. FOCUS Online has, for many years, with the Chinese car market and also takes individual brands under the magnifying glass. Because many of them also want to start in Europe. To read more:

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