From kovida died, the former Deputy of Novosibirsk legislative Assembly and Director of the plant

Novosibirsk died, the former Deputy of legislative Assembly Gennady Bessonov. This information was confirmed by the “Association of graduates NGTU-NETI”, which before was Bessonov.

— Do died from kovida. It happened the day before yesterday, he is even in the statistics oberstab: male, 72 years, — said the head of the “Association” Vladimir Ponomarev.

According to him, a member of the Board of “Association of graduates NGTU-NETI” Bessonov was zero years, and in 80-e was listed as a member of the Komsomol Committee of NETI.

— we Have a category of graduates — “the sponsors of the NSTU”. This is the official title, which we assign in conjunction with the administration of the real financial contribution to the program of life University. Gennady Konstantinovich was so, — said Vladimir Ponomarev.