in The beginning there was a short Fax from 2. August, with the line: “This free Fax was sent to you by Uwe Böhnhardt”, the dead co-initiator of the terrorist group NSU. Was addressed the Letter to the Frankfurt attorney-at-law Seda Basay-Yildiz, signed with “NSU 2.0”.

The Fax death threats contained against the lawyer and her small daughter, who will be “battles”. And what frightened Besay-Yildiz: In the Fax your home address and the first name of their daughter – were both information that you could not research from public sources.

The lawyer filed a complaint, which landed first, the Hessian Landeskriminalamt (LKA), Wiesbaden, and from there to the Frankfurt police has been forwarded. Thereafter, the police heard for months and months nothing more of the matter – and now to the Problem of the Hesse interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU). Because of the anonymous Fax, a large Hessian police-affair. And the competent Minister must explain why to the competent national police learned authority for months, the source of the Drohbriefs was may be exactly where the case should be investigated: the colleagues of the Frankfurt police.

Peter Beuth

The LKA-the people insist: For disciplinary investigations against police officers be in the state of Hesse is always the state police have jurisdiction when the case threatens to trigger greater public attention. This counters the suspicion that police officers protect could their colleagues possibly.

officials in the city on the main is likely to have quite quickly noticed that they were a controversial thing on the track. Although the Fax was to the lawyer, since it is apparently from the Darknet was sent, not back track. The question of who might have privately known address of the attorney, but led directly to a computers in 1. The Frankfurt Police Station.

With the identifier of an official databases to Basay were there-Yildiz, has been queried immediately prior to the Sending of the Fax. Who is responsible, and whether there really is a connection that has yet to be determined.


at the beginning of September was when the officer searched, the investigators made sure her cell phone. On a chat group, set up to MIRROR the information in October 2015 and October 2016 intensive farms had been found.

In the chat group were found to about 50 messages, the criminal law to be relevant and, for example, the offence of sedition could meet. Even the Nazi symbols were sent.

The chat group included, in addition to a private person, four other officials of the 1. Police station in Frankfurt. Their jobs and homes were on the 25. October scans.

Later, the Frankfurt investigators met with another official, who is now working in Central Hesse; in the middle of last week, there was also in him a search warrant. All six police officers are now the public Prosecutor of Frankfurt, Accused in an investigation.

The accused officers are all around 30 years old, mostly chief commissioners, which are described by their supervisors as above average, with police officers. You will not be kicked, as it’s called in security circles, a disciplinary hearing so far. Contacts, or references to rights organisations were not known.

One of the officers in question, apparently, was intended for a career in the higher service, and should study at the leadership Academy of the German police. Two others had been proposed for an honour, because they had resuscitated a man.

The Frankfurter informed the Hesse Ministry of the interior about their controversial investigations against these officials. But there, the decision was made to leave the case in Frankfurt. Decided the has or claims to the land police President Udo Münch, the country’s Minister of the interior, Beuth. Münch assured that he had made the decision “without any consultation with the Minister”. However, large parts of the Opposition, at least in the Parliament is not very likely.

Udo Münch

After all, became known in a special session of the state Assembly’s interior Committee on Wednesday that the Minister Beuth since 28. September of the suspects Chats the Frankfurt officials knew. And much longer, since the 6. In August, he knew the display of the lawyer Basay-Yildiz because of the Drohfaxes. He had kept quiet about, in order not to jeopardize any investigation, said Beuth in the Committee. But investigation would have been compromised if it had informed the state police?

“All of the alarm

the bells” “The LKA would have been responsible, because there is no room,” says the FDP member of Parliament Wolfgang Greilich, and cited the relevant regulations. The SPD interior expert Günter Rudolph was “stunned” to: If, according to the NSU murders in Germany to send a group “NSU 2.0” murder, threats, and references made to the police to recover, would have to “all alarm bells” and pulls out all the stops in the investigation, he said, also via Frankfurt.

The Left-the Deputy Hermann Schaus suspected that the interior Minister “to keep the scandal to be small and under the carpet wanted to return.” After all, at the end of October the Parliament was the election in Hesse; Beuths Job as Minister of the interior in the expected black-green government is now by no means certain. Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) wants to decide in a few weeks, as he occupied the Post in the next government.

Only last week, after the first article on the rights of the chat group were released, a dedicated national police President Münch the LKA. Since last Friday, the files of Frankfurt have arrived in the investigators of the land office of criminal investigation. “We need to work now”, says the Wiesbaden-based Agency.

A first track recorded by the LKA-people, however, already very fast. At the place of residence of one of the accused officers in the Central Hessian Kirtorf they pushed on further structures with extreme right-wing Background. There is evidence that police officers from other Hessian service involved in these structures. While it is still unclear whether there is even references from there to the Frankfurt case, but that is not to be excluded. “You must not worry that the thing is still a long way to go,” says a high LKA-leadership.