Friday afternoon, shortly before 17 PM. Unlike in the previous year, the appearance of the AfD-politician Björn Höcke is not intended to provide ground covering for riots, and reporting. So, the exhibition management has the event of the Manu Scriptum-Verlag in a insulating removable mezzanine floor. In Hall 4.C, where the Ceilings are so low, such as in a Parking garage, is allowed to occur, Björn Höcke in the conference room Concordia. The type of a closed event.

Because of this are sealed off the mezzanine level and two escalators blocked, forming a cluster of the curious. Police officers always attract attention. “Who? What? Oh, this AfD-man?“ moaning, passers-by. Höcke is considered as the leader of the right wing of the AfD.

The Anne Frank educational centre makes use of the casserole to distribute the Flyer. “Why it’s okay, Björn Höcke to contradict.” Antifa-actions take place this time, but no. Then the security staff the book fair, but restless. There’s one in a Wehrmacht uniform. Actually, somewhere in between onlookers, mostly normal visitors to the fair, a puppet valve with the eyes. Martin Sonneborn is, as later Tweet revealed.

“today Was the book fair at Bernd (sic!) Höcke. Folder does not let me. If it was the briefcase?“, Martin Sonneborn on Facebook and Twitter, writes on a black-and-white photo including a Nazi Uniform and eyepatch.

The EU-members and founders of The party had dressed up as Hitler assassin count von Stauffenberg, and was so come to a reading of the AfD-politician Björn Höcke on the Frankfurt book fair. Sonnneborn carried a briefcase, as Stauffenberg in the unsuccessful assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler on 20. July 1944, used a briefcase to hide the explosives. Stauffenberg put down the bag under the table where Hitler was sitting and left the room. In the case of the Detonation, shortly thereafter, four people were killed, Hitler survived.

security personnel prevented Sonneborn, however, to go all the reading. Like all non-logged-in he can’t get over the cordoned-off escalator to hall 4.C. The Höcke appearance, even so, this time, medially, almost invisible, of the victory at Twitter is one of the Sonneborn-Satire.