Showbiz: Christel Van Dyck (58) was today’s show and the actress, Francesca Vanthielen (46) to be a guest in the Radio 2 programme ‘The Roundabout’. Looking for it can, among other things, the time when they were looking for and had to go to a “normal” job after his contract with the VTM will not be extended, it was about her first love, and her childless life.

Looking for was with Christel about Karl Symons, and her first love. The two were a couple, when Looking for the 18-year-old, Karl was 29 years old. “I was studying and working, and I was ready for a committed relationship. I knew then, that we are, eight years would continue. I’ve actually picked out. I was so in love with this man and he has a boat, so hard to relate. I can understand that, because of the age difference for him to have played a role. “I think you’re a good kid, but it’s not,” he said. In this way, the moment has passed before we are a couple, but I had no interest in anyone else. He was supposed to be done. Karl also had flexibility and that was good for me, it was no one from the student’s life.” The two are attracted, when Looking at the age of 26, was in London to go to college and that changed a lot. “I came back from London and when we were apart from each other. I’ve made that decision, maybe, to hold myself back, but I can’t say about that, Karl. We have a very good have had for years. We have so much time to be intense with each other, spent, that we are already in a marriage of 24 years to have had.”

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