Found where to go for MRI scan studies in Novosibirsk with large discounts

When your head starts to hurt, often people wait till the last or immediately run for a pill just suppressing the symptom. To truly eliminate the pain, you need to determine exactly why. And here not to do without skilled professionals and sophisticated equipment, as in “MRI Expert.”

In the center talked with Eugene Clickitem, experienced radiologist, a member of SRO “Association of doctors of MRI diagnostics” party nomination “Doctor of the year 2019”.

high blood pressure, hypertension, tumors, trauma brain pain hundred reasons. To reveal it, you need to do an MRI. Most patients are from a comprehensive study, which includes diagnosis of the brain, cervical spine and blood vessels. This examination helps to form an initial opinion about the causes of the patient’s complaints.

— MRI allows us to see and assess pathology of internal organs or, conversely, to exclude a pathological process. MRI is performed without radiation exposure, — said Evgeny.