Found unusual recipes kebab and lemonade — they have a secret ingredient

If you want to marinate the skewers for yourself, you’ll appreciate a simple and unusual recipe: sliced onions, olive oil, a little mayonnaise, fragrant spices: Basil, rosemary, thyme, coriander, black and red pepper, cumin and salt. The secret ingredient that makes the meat incredibly soft — sparkling mineral water “Jermuk”. Minerals and gas contribute to the softening of the muscle fibers and help the flavor of the spices to better permeate the meat.

“Jermuk” mineral water natural aeration. This underground natural water of medium mineralization, with special taste and softness. Water is extracted from wells drilled near the resort of Jermuk at an altitude of 2100 meters in a picturesque location with Alpine meadows, mountain forests, cliffs, waterfalls and many mineral springs with temperature from 20 to 65 degrees. Mineral water “Jermuk” contains valuable mineral salts necessary for the human body, and is perfect for everyday use.

to cool off in the heat, you can cook a delicious natural lemonade. Take your favorite berries, fruits and greens and make more drinks. Do not limit your imagination. If nothing comes to mind, you can start with checked options: Apple and cinnamon, lime and mint, cucumber and Basil or lemon with orange. Sugar or syrup, add to taste. Pour in the chilled sparkling water “Jermuk” or “the City” — and terrific lemonade is ready.