For the thieves in the law criticized the film

Crime 19/12/19 For the thieves in the law criticized the film Kalina Krasnaya

the Coverage of prison issues in the USSR were not welcome, and the existence of the prison subculture ignored by the authorities. First, it disagreed with the ideology, and second, threatened his moral principles, and thirdly, this subculture was considered marginal. According to the article, “Mythologizing the prison subculture in the Soviet cinema” cultural studies Natalia Tishchenko, the ideology of the USSR claimed that all Soviet citizens have a high level of social responsibility, a crime is a separate egregious exceptions, the punishment for which is inevitable.

So released in 1974 the film “the red snowball tree”, the Director of which was Vasily Shukshin, was for the Soviet viewer’s discovery.

At the same time, few people knew what kind of trouble related to the film, he had to submit to the author of “Kalina…” and what he still had to survive.

Soviet critics reacted to the film favorably, but the leadership of the Studio “Mosfilm” was dissatisfied. Left unhappy and criminal world.

Filming on location

Vasily Shukshin manual cinema disliked for being blunt, inability to bend. Shooting “Kalina red” became the compromise: Shukshin wanted to make a film about Razin, but the leadership of the Studio decided that the film needed more “about life”.

the picture has allocated a total of 289 thousand roubles, in an interview, recalled a former Chairman of the USSR state Committee for cinematography Boris Pavlenok, and the film is 6 times lower than necessary. Shukshin gave the old equipment, the Director had appointed a newcomer, and an assistant Director – the debutant.

According to the script of the movie the main character – a criminal-recidivist Egor Prokudin, nicknamed the Mount, having the seven “Walker”, trying to “engage” with the past and begin to live in the village, in the house of Luba, which meets on a correspondence. But the pth the past in the face of a former accomplice satchel mouth, does not let him. Yesterday’s “colleagues” are Egor and kill him. Prokudin dies at the hands of Luba and her brother, the chauffeur Peter knocks gangster “Volga” in the river.

the Shooting took place in the Vologda region: in correctional colony IK 256/5 (now – fku IK-5 UFSIN Rossii), which is known as “the Vologda coin” or “Fire island”; in the city of Belozersk from across the Sheksna and in the villages she Krokhino, Timonino and Garden.

the cast and royalties

the Main character Vasily Shukshin played the role of Luba gave my wife — Lydia Nikolaevna Fedoseeva, the role of the Lips gave Georgy Burkov, the role of father and mother, Luba played Ivan Petrovich Ryzhov and Mariya Savel’evna Skvortsova. Mother of Prokudin played a local resident efimia Bystrov and Alexey Zakharovich Vanin was convincing in the role of a silent brother Peter Luba.

it is Curious that among the main characters the least paid Fedoseeva-Shukshina – she got 965 rubles, Ryzhov received 1 102 ruble, Vanin — 547 rubles, Burkov – only 285 rubles, and Shukshin got 2 250 rubles for directing and 4 912 rubles for the role.

Strange cases at the

Lev Durov recalled in an interview that during the filming of Shukshin twice been on the verge of death. The first time he almost shot the guard with the IR-256/5.

Durov with Shukshin and the local boy was walking along the lake shore. At this point, to the dock came a boat from the colony, as they came for food. The boy saw among them his father and ran to the boat, then rushed Shukshin. The guard to be vigilant, threw up his arms and yelled, “Stop! Or I’ll shoot!”

But the owner had not taken the reprimand seriously and continued to run. It saved the first shot down him down for a moment before the shot was fired.

And when the scene was shot with God, in which he drove the truck, the actor lost control, the car went into a skid and almost hit Shukshin, who was standing behind the camera. The Director was saved by a miracle.

Life after shooting

Pthe ass shots hudsovet “Mosfilm” has written a review that after reading it, Shukshin in Slippers, in winter, had fled to finalize the film from the hospital, where I lay for stomach ulcers. For several weeks, he rewired the picture, focusing on the moral turning point in the minds of Yegor. Removed the “extra” footage and even characters. But he was given this easy. Witnesses said that every day he became ill, he grew pale and froze, burying her forehead into the table. He was given to rest, and then he went to everyone and said that it is possible to work again.

the Film quickly became popular, took the top prize at the all-Union film festival in Baku in 1974 and the prize “Warsaw mermaid”, awarded by the critics of Poland, and the magazine “Soviet screen” called “Kalina…” best picture of 1974.

However, the picture tried to “push”, and one of the festivals even gave the first place to the movie “go To fight some old”, which caused outrage directed by Leonid Bykov. Only after that the jury had agreed to share first place between the movie and “Snowball…”.

But the thieves don’t agree

But there were other unhappy. As he writes in the book “the fall of the Soviet cinema. The secret underhand war” author Fedor Razzakov, a warm response pattern found “in places not so remote.” Prisoners discussed the film, and the most active Shukshin wrote that the picture shown is not true. According to thieves true is that for a departure from the thieving life of Yegor killed. “Thieves code will not allow you to punish the departed death” – taught Shukshin thieves.

And one of the convicts wrote a review: “the Director is well-filmed, were recognized as “vendor,” but in the final shows is not true. Mumbler allegedly wanted to take revenge on Greg for what he decided to live the rest of your life “man”. It’s a lie! There is no way among thieves. Moreover, the murder there is a woman. If this happened in real life, the Lip would be killed by the thieves – not bespredelnichat”.

As you can see, the talent of Shukshin so loaded people in the film that they did not distinguish life from art. Of course, you can refer to the fact that Shukshin was shown in the film, a frequent case, however, the philosopher Mikheeva Yulia Vsevolodovna in “Film of Vasily Shukshin”, draws attention to the parable character of the film, and then the hero catches up with the past, as retribution for having committed faults and mistakes.

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