For that agent of the GPU Brezhnev took his first gun

Biography 23/12/19 For that agent of the GPU Brezhnev took his first gun

the Party and state career of Leonid Brezhnev seemed to contemporaries dizzy. Comes from the bottom, he passed one after the other, all the degrees up to the highest post in the country. However, few people know that in his youth the future Secretary General risked to disappear forever in the dungeons of the GPU. Cause of conflict with the KGB was the gun purchased Brezhnev for self-defense.

the Surveyor with a gun

the Story of the ill-fated Browning told the magazine “Red Star” writer Leonid Gorohov. As follows from archival documents, in 1927, 21-year-old son of a factory worker Leonid Brezhnev worked in a modest post of surveyor-surveyor in the village Terebene present Belgorod region. For this purpose he had the appropriate education in land management and reclamation technical school in Kursk.

Work in the village was not safe. On the soil of the land sections happened to heated arguments, and angry peasants did not have to raise the forks young professionals. Brezhnev himself noted that his work “is associated with all sorts of scandals”. So during one of the visits to Kursk surveyor-member of the Komsomol bought a gun “Browning”. Perhaps the choice was due to the fact that Browning was with a certain aura of power — this gun was always Lenin. Climbing the party ladder, which eventually led Brezhnev in the Kremlin, began a little later. But he, remembering in later years the work of the land surveyor, noted that “for the first time felt the Plenipotentiary representative of the Soviet government in front of hundreds of people.”

in hindsight, Leonid Brezhnev appealed to the township party Committee for a permit to carry a gun, not thinking that it will land yourself in trouble. However, on 15 August 1927 to the young surveyor arrived the agent of the GPU by name Klimov, who demanded to hand over the Browning. Checking the guest documents, Brezhnev agreed to fulfill his request. Klimov promised to call the owner of the gun in 3 days and give him permission to bear arms. However, the invitations Brezhnev did not. From the Secretary of the Komsomol cell surveyor subsequently learned that the agent of the GPU simply appropriated the confiscated arms and shows off the Browning as his own.

“Please return the Browning”

Angered by Brezhnev decided to seek justice. We can assume that for the purchase of weapons it is not one month set aside money from the modest salary of a surveyor. 2 weeks after the incident, Brezhnev appealed to the township Committee of the CPSU(b) if Krasnoyaruzhskiy the Executive Committee a statement in which he asked to take the Browning from him.

“it turns Out that comrade Klimov further course of this case stopped, and it considers the question settled”, — complained the author of the document.

as a permit to carry the weapons of the Komsomolets was not there, he was offered the staff Executive Committee to temporarily leave a gun in storage at home. Leonid Brezhnev was not afraid to contradict the authorities, although a dispute with an agent of the GPU could be regarded quite differently. At the dawn of the Soviet era people were accused of “counterrevolutionary activities” for less. But Brezhnev is clearly not considered threatening him with consequences. Or were pre-warned by someone in the party that such a statement is quite safe (for example, if Klimov had a very bad account of the authorities). In the end, this story ended for the average specialist of agriculture quite well. In any case, Brezhnev was not arrested. I returned it to him the Browning and suffered the punishment Husnik Klimov, is unknown.

a Fan of guns

Love for firearms Brezhnev has carried through life. He owned Arsenal was larger than the collection of all Stalin and other Soviet leaders. Weapons Brezhnev gave often — for example, the last gift of this kind of ManagerWMD Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee gave arms company Colt. A special place in the collection took received Brezhnev in 1943 premium revolver. In total, Leonid Brezhnev was 11 pistols and revolvers, 13 rifles and carbines.

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