For taxi drivers repair only 75 rubles: tire service launched an indefinite campaign to support the running of Novosibirsk

the fall of the economy and the coronavirus has affected almost every business Novosibirsk, and often in Arduino the key. But even now entrepreneurs are trying to help those who find themselves on the front lines. Periodically, the media flashed the good news about how doctors davidnyc clinics brought free Lunches, carriers were provided with personal protective equipment and antiseptics, filling stations free refueled soon. Until recently, this list was not taxi drivers, although they also are in the “red zone” and daily risk their health, delivering passengers to the destination.

Shinoservis Bykof decided to join the good tradition and made an open-ended campaign for taxi drivers. For tire service they will receive a 50% discount.

Taking with him the document which confirms that you are a taxi driver, or showing your account in the app aggregator, each will receive any service at half the price: wheel balance, edit disks, eliminating puncture of tires, vulcanization of tires.