Showbiz For the dreary weather kept it in the sun. In the case of complex weather events, she didn’t have many heads, brighten up. In Flanders, Jill Smith (44) are really missing out on when the VTM-woman – and she will stop at the end of this year – and it is as bright as the full moon. But don’t worry, “Tomorrow the sun will rise again.”

Its meisjesdroom was a model, a stewardess or a veterinarian. Woman she should have been. From an early age, went to Pick Smith in the port of Antwerp Zuiderkempen all in her head, staring at the clouds. In Chirokamp made them a daily prediction of whether the awning is dry, it would stay on. In vriendjesboeken wrote it after ‘idol’: “Armand Pien. At home, she installed its own weather station, and the unief she graduated with a masters degree in geography. Great credentials that they are in the year 2000, at her age of 25, her wishes did come true: the VTM took Jill Smith is a charming appearance to the board. Alternately, Eddy De Mey and kept it for the day to day weerpraatje. With a lot of natural enthusiasm and spontaneity pushed the Actors are regularly in the news studio, to the difficult weather events to clarify the issue. Instead of occlusiefronten’ she said, ‘ don’t Forget your umbrella tomorrow it’s not.” That is plain language and provided for her in 2016, and still no what price to.