The car is One of the world’s largest camperfabrikanten, the German-Manufactured, the first electric car was unveiled. It is a so-called plug-in hybrid: is a concept that has been used in passenger cars, it is used that consists of a combination of the internal combustion engine, the electric motor and battery pack.

Swift revealed to the camper van at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, the world’s largest kampeerbeurs the morning and open to the public. Almost all of the new homes are still based on diesel engines, but since a couple of years in a bad light due to their dirty exhaust fumes. That is why the manufacturers are in a hurry to make the development of a (semi-)electric car programs.

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The Swift Globevan email.Hybrid is going to be in Germany, 74.990 euros in costs. The Belgian price is not yet known. The Swift is based on the Ford Transit Custom, and of which the axes are all-electric, can be used. Thanks to the built-in battery pack allows the camper to power up to 50 km long.

this is, of course, a relatively small amount for a car that was primarily purchased in order to go around. This is why the so-called “Range Extender” are introduced: a tiny 1.0-litre petrol engine from the Ecoboost generation, the cars of Ford are located. This three-cylinder engine driving the rv, but serves only as a generator for the interim recharging of the batteries. Thanks to this combination, is the motorhome with a full fuel tank and fully charged battery up to 500 miles away. Once you use the battery pack with a plug in at a charging station connected to it.

The battery can in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for 5.5 hours to be charged to, or for about 3 hours with a rapid charger. The combination of electric and gasoline engine, leading to a combined power output of 92 kW (126 ps). The five-metre-long and two-foot-wide motorhome during the drive, instead of four. The roof houses a double bed (190 x 110 cm). The driver and co-driver’s seat can be turned around and the sofa converts to a double bed of 190 x 90 cm. The kitchen features a two burner stove top, and a 16-liter big fridges. Thanks to a good battery, there can be a few days, irrespective of the current review.

find out More camperfabrikanten have been involved in the development of the electric car programs. As presented by Nissan last year as a camper, on the basis of its all-electric van the E-NV200. That is, it is, however, only in Spain it will be ordered for you, and it is, therefore, not yet in mass production, such as the Swift Globevan. Furthermore, the existing diesel units are regularly by small companies, on request, be converted into (semi-) electric motorhome. This is often a costly procedure moreover, for a restricted range brings with it. Mercedes and camperfabrikant Static have as a prototype is to be presented to a camper, which is at the hydrogen. However, it is not known when the sale will be over.