Germany’s largest Constructive-series: 14 countries, 14 report the year in review: the 18 stories that offer hope for more good news: Here for the Whatsapp-Good-Newsletter sign-fire brigade rescues a Swan from a frozen lake

21.52 PM: From a frozen lake in Hildesheim, Germany has the fire Department on a fixed Swan rescued. Walkers and also the so-called Swan-father, to go privately to the welfare of the animals taking care of, had sounded the Alarm, informed the fire Department on Monday. A fire truck with a hose boat drove to the Hohnsensee and a firefighter with a special suit and ventured out on the ice. There he found the Swan, not frozen solid, but injured and in his ability to move was restricted. The animal was handed over captured and the Swan father to have custody.

on Sunday, the fire Department had received 40 phone calls because supposedly fixed frozen swans. The Swan father looked to the Right and found that was actually frozen any of the animals. Walkers warned the fire Department, meanwhile, urges before Entering the ice. The layer of ice was only a few centimeters thick, and carry no people. To the rescue of the Swan have gone to a firefighter in a special equipment on the ice, which distributes its weight on the surface.

Unknown submit to 160,000 euros donation on the Altar in Bayern

15.54 PM: An unidentified major donors, has been stored in a Church in the Bavarian hall of 160,000 euros as a donation. The envelope with the 500-Euro notes tiled large amount located directly under the cross, reported Mesnerin Maria-Elisabeth life, in the “middle Bavarian newspaper” about the only now made public Fund by the last day of the Pentecost. “I’m scared of a lot of money and seen’m,” said the Church worker.

The envelope was, therefore, the clear instruction to use the money “for Africa”. Before the anonymous donation could be distributed, however, been some steps are necessary, reported pastor Norbert-Large of the newspaper. The Archbishop’s financial chamber had to clarify the situation with the legal Department. The Bank had also requested information because of the provisions of the money laundering act.

to have the First Christmas it was given the approval for the payment. The money had flowed at a operating in South Africa a nun, a missionary in Zambia, working in Africa support group and the Catholic charity Missio.

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